Having been born with missing bones in my right leg, my life started a little differently and led me on a path of self-discovery and healing.  Each step I've taken, has literally been one I have not taken for granted, since walking is often painful for me.  Nevertheless, it hasn't held me back.  Having explored all types of traditions, practices, and philosophies pertaining to the body, mind, and spirit, my travels have brought me all over the planet and cosmos. 

At 23, I was hit by lightning and had a near death experience where I left my body and went to "the other side".   This changed the course of my life and I believe has greatly opened up my intuition.  I spent a few years after that as a monk in India and Colorado and living a lifestyle of contemplation and service.  Ultimately, I wanted to be more connected to humanity, my own included, and life brought me all the wonderful lessons of marriage, parenting, divorce, finding love again, work, responsibilities and all the highs and lows we all must go through to find balance and learn the lessons necessary for soul growth.  In the art of mastering living in a body and in the world, I've spent the last several years, guided by a deep desire to live authentically, to live the life I love.  I can now say that I am passionate about all the things I do, all of which can be found here on my site.

Some of my personal accomplishments include having recorded over ten albums of original music, maintaining a successful massage and healing practice for over twenty years, given close to 200 Human Design Readings, and maintaining a shamanic arts practice and mentoring program.