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Living Your Design

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Living Your Design is a transformational deconditioning program for those ready to delve deeper into their personal Human Design experiment.  The class will primarily cover the mechanics of the four auric types and nine centers of the Human Design bodygraph.

On a deeper level this program is the beginning of looking deeper into how you operate and relate to the world through the elements in your design.  As you go deeper into understanding your design, it will shed light on all your relationships, past and present decisions, and how to move forward in life with more freedom and less resistance.  Understanding your personal mechanics is the beginning of creating a transformation from a cellular level.  The results are profound and permanent.

Peter is a certified Living Your Design Guide and this program will allow you to go forward into further studies with the International Human Design School. 

Prerequisite: Living Your Design Manual (  

This class can be taught in a variety of formats, in person or online, depending on the needs of the group or individual seeking instruction.  If you have a group of five or more individuals interested in the Living Your Design class, please contact me to arrange class setup.

A Foundation Reading is highly recommended.


May 7th-June 25th, 10-11:30am (Mountain Time)

Online course. Eight consecutive Tuesdays.

Cost: $300, plus Living Your Design Manual

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Individual Mentoring

Deconditioning Program

The Deconditioning Program is an indepth mentoring program that spans one year.  The program includes the Living Your Design class, a systematic look deep into your Human Design through individual mentoring and study, and spiritual mentoring that involves various rites of passage adapted to your personal journey.

Please contact directly to discuss how this program can work for you and to arrange the details of your unique deconditioning program.