Herbal Therapeutics

Custom tonic Herbal Chai 

Staying healthy should be fun.  A customized herbal tea blend mixed with delicious chai spices will make your medicine fun and delicious to drink.  Order as whole herbs to make at home or already brewed chai tea for your convenience.  

Custom Tonic Herbal Blends

Arrange a consultation to discuss your health concerns and to discover which tonic herbal formulas could be of assistance.

Fine Oils

These oils, imported from all over the globe, have intoxicating fragrances that can be used as perfume or for general aromatherapy.  As a fragrance on the skin, the oils alchemize with your scent to create a whole new quantum scent that will make others stop in their tracks.  Sold in simple dram bottles or elegant Murano glass diffusers (as pictured above) upon request.


Oudh Atma

Oudh has been a sought after fragrance all over the world since Biblical times.  It is made from a resin in the Agarwood tree.  This version has been a best seller for years.  Great for men and women alike.  



An intoxicating woody and musky fragrance.


Customized oil blends

I make customized oil blends to match your "essence".  Contact to arrange a consultation where we can go over which fragrances match your energy.