This and That, Embracing the Duality

Human Design shows us that everything in existence is part of a duality.  There is always the “this” and the “that”.  Human Design explains that we live in a Bi-Verse.  We see it in the bodygraph itself – the Personality and Design activations.  They are both two different calculations, but co-existing inside our forms.  This is where we sometimes encounter dilemmas in our experience, where one part of us has the imperative for one experience, in seeming contrast to another aspect of our being.  I call this the “grass is greener” syndrome.   I used to notice this especially when I was alone and wanted to be around other people, but when I was with others, I wanted to be alone again. My single definition would crave that singularity to recharge, but then my gate of intimacy (59th gate) was urging to bond.  Like anything in Design, awareness is key is this is where the heart of the paradox is found.

Recently, I’ve been observing our tendencies to become very polarized and attach to one end of the spectrum.  Our minds have a tendency to want to label things with a stamp of morality.  The good and bad, the black and white. We want to make conclusions about others. That is what the mind does best.

What struck me recently was when I was reviewing some of the Role Gates.  For example, the 6th Gate is a Role Gate, which we all have and which determines aspects of how we bond with others.  It comes out of the Solar Plexus which operates on an emotional wave, so any gate coming out of the Solar Plexus is naturally already going from high to low, from hope to despair, etc.   

A 6th line being, for example, will go on a wave between Sympathy to Apathy.  It made so much sense to me why sometimes my 6th line friends seem so caring, but then so aloof and distant.  Looking back, I recognized my mind’s tendency to want to affix a moral stamp on them, depending on which side of the wave they had recently been on and my whole mental view wanting to change to adapt and fix a label.  “Oh they are so kind and really do mean well and have such a big heart”, to “They don’t really care, it’s all a show, definitely not authentic, just a mask”.  But we all have these waves and polarities, all of us.  I’m a third line personality and that resonates to the themes of allegiance/rejection.  Being honest with myself and how this genetic bonding strategy expresses, I can see that wave in myself.  I bond and form allies, and then I close up and reject and move on to find a fresh start, to put it in simple terms.  So anyway, these dualities live within us, as ways that our genes operate and express through our personalities.  We can’t control it.

 So I have been watching the tendency to attach to one end of the polarity and form conclusive statements.  When I watch it, it dissolves and I wait.  I wait for life to keep changing and expressing itself differently and embrace it all as part of the duality. 

I’ve been afraid of the word and idea of “Duality” because in the new age mindset and conditioning, it is the duality of the human experience that keeps us separate from the whole.  But coming to embrace the Duality as something that comes out of the One, out of the whole spectrum and holistic perspective of life, gives me a renewed and relaxed understanding that allows me to be with awareness and helps me to practice waiting.  And in the waiting, that is where the magic happens.  Life keeps unfolding and renewing itself.   And that is where the awareness, that I AM, reveals itself.  This is where, as the passenger, I can truly enjoy the ride.