Music and Audio Services

Live Performance

Available for your event.  I am mobile and willing to play at events such as home concerts, ceremonies, sound healing events, art galleries, wellness or yoga retreats, workshops or classes, or anywhere my music may enhance the setting or inspire a receptive audience.  Check my music catalogue to explore a diverse range of musical offerings.


Scoring and composition

Skilled in composition in several genres, I would love to help make the soundtrack to your project.  Previous works have included compositions for choreographed dance videos, film soundtracks, children's bi-lingual program, landing page video score, and scoring music videos.  With a range of musical instruments and recording equipment, I can create the pieces that match your vision.  


Recording services

Home studio available for audio production. Twenty five years experience, and knowledge to help you record and enhance your music into a quality digital format.  Pricing can be hourly or by project.  


Your musical muse

Do you have the urge to create music?  Is there a song that wants to come out of you?  Do you need some support to find your instrument, your voice, or experiment with your musical self?  Let me be your muse.  Come play and experiment to see what wants to come out of you.  Since there are so many ways this could look (drum lessons, jamming, co-creative song writing, endless possibilities...), please contact to discuss details.

Please use the contact form below with any questions or to see how we can work together with your musical project!

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