Foundation Reading

A Foundation Reading is the first step into your Human Design experiment.  You will begin to see the mechanics of how you operate based on your own unique genetic activations and how they create your field of energy, your aura, that can move through life with ease or resistance.  By coming to understand your owner's manual and with a few simple tools, you will start a cellular transformation that can create a permanent change and awakening in your life.  A Foundation Reading lasts about 90 minutes and also includes a full written report and support materials.  A Foundation Reading is the pre-requisite for all other advanced readings.



Incarnation Cross Reading

An Incarnation Cross Reading goes deeper into your unique design.  This is the appropriate next step after you have experimented with and begun to integrate what was revealed in your Foundation Reading.  You will be able to see deeper into your purpose and how it is meant to correctly play out for you.  



Partnership Analysis

Every relationship has its own unique dynamics and affects us differently.  A Partnership Analysis helps you to understand the mechanics of your intimate relationships.  Recognizing these mechanics takes any sort of blame out of the relationship and allows each person to be their empowered unique self within the relationship.  See where your strengths are and where hot spots come up.  It is most helpful when each person in the relationship is in their HD experiment and has had a Foundation Reading first.



Cycle Readings:

$85 each

Solar Return

Every year, the sun returns to its original position as your birth, infusing your life with new energy.  A Solar Return reading looks at the year ahead and the potential themes that will emerge personally, interpersonally, and as overall lessons that may be present.

Saturn Return

Around 28 to 30 years of age, Saturn comes back around into our lives bringing some of life's most powerful lessons catapulting us into adulthood.  This can be a very empowering and transformational time when you move through knowing the hard lessons Saturn is asking us to step up to.  Saturn comes around again approximately every 28 years, so a second or third Saturn Return is also likely in one's life.

Uranus Opposition

Around 38 to 43 years of age, Uranus is at its mid-point creating a significant change in our life's direction.  This may be concurrent to what has been called the "mid-life crisis", although this doesn't have to be that.  Uranus is helping us wrap up some themes that have continued to play out since childhood and move fully into our adult life with new direction, purpose, and a potential change of cast.

Chiron Return

Around 50 years of age, we enter a new phase of wisdom.  Lifelong lessons culminate in profound healing that will set the theme for several years to come.  This is a time that can require support because of the depth of transformations that are possible.  


REading follow-ups, Consulting, and Mentoring

Having a follow up session a few months after your initial Foundation Reading can be very helpful to review how things are working and to stay on track with your experiment.

To meet and discuss any element of your design that does not fit into any of the above, you can arrange a personal consulting session with Peter.  For indepth mentoring and studies, consider the Living Your Design class or Deconditioning Program.